New Comic Book Day

Here’s what I picked up this week:


Ambush Bug: Year None #1

Brave And The Bold #15

Green Lantern Corps #26

Justice League Of America #23

Legion Of Super-Heroes #44

Robin #175

Superman #678

Trinity #8


Preliminary thoughts: Superman was good, but is it just me or does James Robinson make odd choices regarding which words to emphasize?  It’s like he just picks them at random.  The art was great — did Guedes do the old-timey sections as well?  They were eerily Kirbyesque.  I have a feeling Robinson will start to play up the similarities and differences between Superman and Atlas as the story rolls along, inasmuch as they are similar in terms of ability and initial motivations but Atlas grew too attached to power once he saved his city and found it easier just to rule it permanently.  On the odd side: wasn’t Clark being kind of a dick when talking to Lois about Krypto?  He sounded like he was one minute away from accusing Lois of P.M.S.-ing!


Robin was decent; I’m loving Batman: R.I.P. so maybe I’m a bit biased.  It’s good to see Tim’s take on everything that’s been happening get fleshed out a little.  Continuity problems, though: isn’t Sgt. Harper supposed to be Officer Harper?  And didn’t Nightwing head back to Gotham to deal with Intergang before Bruce underwent the Thogal ritual?  Anyway, Nicieza is a solid writer, and I’ve enjoyed his Superman fill-in work and the stuff he’s done with Kurt Busiek, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with the book once he can start his own storylines.


Haven’t read the rest yet, but I’m looking forward to taking in some lush Scott Kolins art on BATB.  Hope DC puts him on something after Rogues’ Revenge…

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