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Working my way through the July 24th stack…


Brave And The Bold was good fun.  I can kinda understand why Waid was disappointed in the series’ sales; in today’s market, anything that doesn’t tie into a BIG EVENT or have LASTING CONSEQUENCES is going to get skipped over by a lot of people.  As this is Waid’s second-to-last issue, it strikes me what a shame this is, as the book has always been fun, old-fashioned superhero stories with great art.  I’m a big fan of Scott Kolins, and he doesn’t disappoint here, but is it just me or does the colouring in this issue make everything look a little washed out?  Compare it to his Flash work, or even the last issue of BATB.


Justice League Of America gets dumped on a lot too these days, for similar reasons, I think.  It’s no longer the BIG EVENT book it was during, say, the Lightning Saga, but it’s not trying to be.  McDuffie (who I loved when he was writing for the JLU cartoon) is no longer playing second fiddle to Salvation Run and Final Crisis, and is getting to finally tell his own stories.  And they’re fun, witty, enjoyable stories.  The recent additions of Wally West and Firestorm, not to mention guest star Zatanna, make for a large cast but a diverse and interesting one.  I hope McDuffie won’t be kicked off the book to make way for another big name before he has a chance to build up a nice, long run.


Not having been familiar with Ambush Bug, I didn’t know what to expect from Year None, but I found myself laughing out loud several times.  Comic book satire can be hit-and-miss, especially when the character has been out of the public eye for a while and no one’s quite sure if his style of humour works any more… but Ambush Bug: Year None works.  I know that Giffen wants to keep the series accessible and so he doesn’t want readers to have to have read Identity Crisis to enjoy this issue, and he succeeds, but the IC jokes were so on-the-mark that I found myself wishing he had chucked that rule and gone all-out on Meltzer’s series.

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