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SDCC Wrap-Up, Part Three

July 30, 2008

And finally, some miscellaneous SDCC news…

One cool announcement was that Paul Dini is going to be writing an ongoing Zatanna series starting, I believe, in January.  Dini’s a great writer; I’ve loved his stuff going as far back as the earliest episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, and he continues to do great work on Detective Comics… we’ll just forget Countdown ever happened, shall we?  Dini’s love for Zatanna is obvious, as he wrote the episode “Zatanna” for BTAS, he wrote the Justice League Unlimited episode that guest-starred her, he wrote a Zatanna one-shot a few years ago, he wrote her into his ‘Tec run a few months ago, and he essentially married her.  I don’t doubt he’ll do a great job with this new series.

Next up is big Batman: R.I.P. news.  Following the conclusion of Grant Morrison’s story in October, Detective Comics and Batman will cross over for two months for two special stories.  First will come a two-parter written by classic Batman writer and editor Dennis O’Neil that will examine whether Gotham city can survive wthout the Batman.  Following that, Neil Gaiman (Neil frickin’ Gaiman!), who should need no introduction, will write a two-parter with art by Andy Kubert entitled “What Ever Happened To The Caped Crusader?”.  The title is an obvious nod to the classic Alan Moore-penned “What Ever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?” that closed the book on the Silver Age Superman, which should give some indication of the importance of this new story.  Gaiman’s tale will span the entirety of the Dark Knight’s history, and serve as a sort of “final” Batman story.  At the same time, it will presumably help to set up the post-R.I.P. status quo, which might revolve around someone other than Bruce Wayne donning the cape and cowl.

Lastly, because I seemingly can’t let a post go by without plugging Geoff Johns, it was revealed that an upcoming eighth-season episode of Smallville will be written by (you guessed it) Johns, and will introduce the Legion of Super-Heroes for the first time ever in live-action!  Johns is doing great work revitalizing the classic Legion, and his love for the characters and respect for their history is obvious, so I have high hopes for this episode!  The classic Legion first appearance story should be fairly easy to adapt to Smallville: Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl appear in present-day Smallville with amazing powers and high-tech flight rings and tell Clark that he will one day grow up to become a great hero that will inspire a thousand years of human and alien achievement, and as a result they want to make him an honourary member of their team.  Together they will presumably have some kind of adventure, or, if Johns wants to make the Legion out to be huge jerks like they were in the original story, the Legionnaires will force Clark to perform super-feats to prove his worthiness to them.  Because, y’know, serving as a universal source of inspiration for an entire millenium apparently isn’t quite enough to get you into a superhero club in the 31st century.  It’s about standards, people!